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Why you should repair your iPhone vs buying a new one

Whether you have glitchy software or a cracked screen, we all eventually face the same dilemma: Should I repair or replace my phone?

It’s an important question because phones are essential to our lives. They’re our camera, calendar, entertainment centre, work hub, and more. They’re also expensive, so when your device isn’t working correctly—and new models entice you with flashy features—it can be hard to know whether a repair or replacement is right for you. From cost to the age of your device and warranty coverage, here’s what you need to consider to help you decide.

How much does it cost to repair vs replace your phone? 

A good rule to follow: If repairing your phone costs half as much as buying a new one—or more—consider getting a new phone, especially if yours is more than a few years old. Remember, you can often trade in your old phone and apply that credit to a new one. 

Let’s do the math. Replacing a cracked screen runs €60 to €300 or more. If you’d be happy with an older iPhone model like the SE, it might not make sense to fix your broken device.  

There are other situations, however, in which a repair makes more sense. The average cost of the hottest new iPhones from Apple®. Meanwhile, the average cost of a screen repair on those same models—using Apple and Samsung parts, tools and testing at ExpressTech -Tech Repair & Solutions—is less than a third of the replacement cost.


How old is your phone? 

 If your phone is more than three years old, and especially if it’s been acting sluggish or glitchy, paying for a repair may not be worth it. But if your phone is relatively new, you should strongly consider fixing it. 

Is your phone under warranty? 

If your phone isn’t working correctly, you’ll want to find out if it’s still under warranty. You may be eligible for a free or low-cost repair or replacement if it is. Here’s how to check your warranty: 

  • On an iPhone®: Go to and follow the prompts. You’ll need your serial number, which can be found via Settings > General > About

Remember, all warranties come with exceptions, including water damage, cosmetic damage (like dents and scratches), repairs by non-authorized providers, and normal wear and tear. If your phone was damaged due to an exception or your warranty expired, bring it to a local phone repair shop and ask for a quote. 

Your Battery drains quickly  

If your phone dies soon after a full charge or feels sluggish throughout the day, a simple, affordable fix is to replace the battery. A battery replacement will cost approximately €50 to €90, depending on your iPhone, and it will breathe some much-needed life back into your current device.  

Callers can't hear you

If people keep telling you that they can’t hear you—and if you know you have a good connection—you may have a busted microphone. An iPhone repair expert can identify the problem and tell you what it will cost to fix. 

Where should you go to get it repaired? 

For phone repairs, turn to a store with good online reviews, uses quality parts, and offers a warranty for their services - ExpressTech store. Our certified experts offer a no-cost diagnostic and are trained to fix all iPhones. Plus, most repairs at our Dublin store are done in 60 minutes or less, so you can get back to what’s essential

What is the environmental impact of repairing your phone? 

Repairing your older devices is eco-friendly. Buying new ones—not so much. Every year, tech manufacturers unveil flashy new smartphones, which require massive amounts of materials, electricity, and fossil fuels. 

When should you replace your phone?  

Here are a few scenarios where it’s best to save time and money and buy a new phone. 

Your iPhone randomly reboots or shuts down

If your phone has been rebooting or shutting down, even when it’s fully charged, it’s likely worn out and needs to be replaced. 

Your iPhone isn't compatible with the latest apple operating system.

Older iPhones may not be compatible with the latest operating system, so your device won’t benefit from security fixes and app updates. If this is happening to you, it’s time to upgrade. 

If you’re still not sure whether you should repair your old phone or buy a new one, we can help. Stop by Our ExpressTech store or get advice from a trusted tech expert.


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