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MacBook Pro 13" Liquid Damage Repair

If you accidentally spill water, wine, coffee, or any liquid on yourMacBook Pro 13", don't panic and especially don't try to dry your device with a blow dryer (this will burn fragile components in the motherboard)! When the liquid comes into contact with the MacBook, you can experience a wide assortment of issues, from software, battery, sound, or display.
The longer you hold off repairs, the more significant the damage extends to the rest of your computer. Most often, issues derive from damaged logic board components that come in contact with the liquid. Our technicians can repair the affected components instead of having to replace the logic board. Apple only replaces the logic board, saving you not only time but money!

We would advise double-checking if your MacBook screen were affected and may be uneconomical to repair the logic board and replace your device