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iPhone 14 Plus Screen Replacement

Is your iPhone 14 Plus screen cracked, damaged or displaying a fault not covered by your original warranty? Our team of trained technicians can help. ExpressTech only uses screens designed and developed for your iPhone, ensuring optimal performance after repair.

We use OLED over LCD for iPhone Screen Repairs:

  • Vibrant Visuals: OLED screens offer richer colours, true blacks, and a higher contrast ratio, providing a visually superior experience.

  • Thinner and Sleeker Design: OLED's inherent thinness and flexibility contribute to a modern, sleek aesthetic, unlike bulkier LCD screens.

  • Faster Performance: OLED's speedier response times lead to smoother graphics and reduced motion blur, ideal for gaming and video playback.

  • Energy Efficiency: OLED's pixel control results in better energy efficiency, potentially extending the battery life of the repaired iPhone.

  • Wider Viewing Angles: OLED provides wider viewing angles, ensuring consistent and accurate colours from various perspectives.

Using LCD on an iPhone originally equipped with OLED compromises these advantages, resulting in a subpar visual experience and detracting from the device's original quality

  • Lifetime warranty: Against faulty parts or labour but no damage
  • Repair in up to 60 minutes: We pride ourselves on offering an express repair service
  • True Tone Screen: Colour saturation improving your screen experience
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